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Dr. Faustus Lights The Lights

Tender Buttons

May n´June

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The Rosehips:


The Rosehips perform in an interdisciplinary performative style;  working with the meaning and the musicality of words .

In a  tragi-comical style, they present an American "avant-garde" culture that isn´t seen much  in Sweden and  rarely represented in other parts of the world.


Our Commandments:

1 avoid being defined

2 work with paradoxes

3 integrate and overlap already defined boundaries

4 rely on one another´s expertise and inspiration

5 keep a common poetic element

6 make space for improvisation

7 choose subject matters that are relevant to today

8 give each art form the credit it deserves

9 stay true to your playfulness and intuition


Currently, The Rosehips are investigating the works by the  novelist, poet and playwright,

GERTRUDE STEIN (1874-1946))

with vocal improvisations, percussion, electronic music, and  Stein´s pioneering texts they make a unique  musical experience for all ages.




Dr.Faustus Lights The Lights.  


Michele Collins, Anna Gustavsson and Georgia Wartel Collins examine the  poet, playwright, and feminist Gertrude Stein´s libretto Dr Faustus Lights the Lights from 1938.

With vocal improvisation, percussion, electronic music, upright bass and Steins pioneering texts, we find clues and parallels to today. The libretto is about identity, ego, and vulnerability; a philisophical critque about today`s technological progress.


I do not care anything but to live well and go to hell”


There is just everyday all day”


                                           ¨quotes from Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights 


Tender Buttons objects-food-rooms

by Gertrude Stein


 The Rosehips create a musical stage production of Tender Buttons, which is a landmark of 20th century literature from 1914 

It is an exploration of poetry where portraits of objects food and rooms are made, emphasizing the musical quality of words favoring sound over sense.

Gertrude Stein stated:   

I needed to completely face the difficulty of how to include what is seen with hearing and listening”


“A place in no new table”

”A single image is not splendor.

”Dirty is yellow”



MAY n´JUNE present:   "Domestic Bliss"


May n June´s  sweet routines!

A humoristic cabare with music, song, dance, and audience participation.









Upcoming events:

7/11 Rönnells Antikvariat

Birger Jarlsgatan 32B


8/11 P-Å Sångbolaget 

Skolvägen 10


10/11 Teater Trixter





Address: c/o Collins Bävergatan 2B 426 71 Västra Frölunda Sweden

Email: info@michelecollins.se

Phone: +46 736 47 11 50